Since Sony’s recent announcement of PSP firmware 3.80 we have learnt that this will be a major & worthwhile update to the Playstation Portable. Two major features will be introduced, one concerns only the Japanese who are lucky enough to have a digital TV tuner. Since with the 1-Seg TV Tuner (Japan only) they will be able to record live TV onto there memory sticks to watch later on there PSP Slim.
Hopefully all regions should get the second new feature, Internet Radio. Although there aren’t much details available apparently it will some sort of internet streaming radio through shoutcast.

PSP Firmware 3.80 - Internet Radio

Other updates include better RSS feed handing and improved sence search on Videos. Its a welcome update for the Playstation Portable and I can’t wait to see.
Dark_Alex’s 3.80 M33 ;)


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