GBA PSP Emulator

Takka has released another version of his gba emulator, here’s the changelog:

  • HOME keys hung at the end of a correction
  • Menu at the “o” and “x” button operation of the PSP to match the setting
  • Cheat easing restrictions on the length of the name (UTF-40 character in securing 8N)
  • Fbm_print.c memory management malloc / free changes
  • OAM to write the byte level to modify treatment
  • TV output parameters to adjust
  • Video initialization bug fixes
  • Built-in TV output parameter to delete (video.cfg successful TV output if unable to read)
  • Some edge of the screen to modify textures (test8.6 far been avoided parameters)
  • IO to register byte / word write using a jump table, speed stabilization
  • Add to cheat documents

Source: Takka’s Blog

Download: gpSP 3.2 test 8.7

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Kanika said...

Thanks for the information...will definitely try this emulator.....